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Trade Journal Brush Scene®
Brush Scene® is here to be of even greater assistance and service to its customers in their daily national and international business activities. Brush Scene® provides its readers with comprehensive and professionally competent information on all topics relating to the brush, paintbrush, paint roller, artist and beauty and cosmetic brush, toothbrush, animal care and products, household brush industries, plastic, synthetic industry, the cleaning aid industry, technical brushes, industrial brushes, plastics, trade in raw materials and finished products, and the brush machinery sector. Brush Scene® is also distributed to wholesalers worldwide.
Advertising in Brush Scene®
Brush Scene® offers its readers competitive advertising rates and put them in touch with leading importers and wholesalers all around the globe.
Company profiles in Brush Scene®
Brush Scene® invites its readers to present their company profile in the trade journal to introduce their company to a wide international readership to the significance of individual brush companies and their suppliers. Moreover, Brush Scene® also invites its readers to publish information on novelties and new product developments in the journal free of charge.
Media Data of Trade Journal Brush Scene®
Brush Scene® — 6 issues per annum, published bi-lingual (German/English)
Since June 1st, 2007
Global coverage (in about 70 countries)
2,100 copies per issue
Europe Euro 170 including air mail shipping
Overseas US$ 260 including air mail shipping
Advertising rates:
price list for year 2021
Composition pattern:
CD-ROM which includes advert as complete PDF-, Tiff- or JPG-file with 300 dpi picture quality to get best printing results.